“Can I come closer to you? Aaaa..I mean very close so that I can hear your beat. I really  like that sound”, said Arth.
He wasn’t like other guys. He loved her and just her. Though she was completely different but he never tried to change her. He fought with her. He respected her, protected her, brought her closer and pushed her away but he never fell for someone else. They used to sleep on the beach late at night just to talk about life beneath the shimmering blue sky, their best nights happened since then. He didn’t know what was that feeling. Those misunderstandings weren’t enough for the love between them to cease. He was everyone’s crush, a perfect man but he loved only that imperfect girl. Holding her hand, he walked everywhere without bothering about her lower status than that of his. She came to him in pieces but he completed her and left no scars. She was his love story and he wrote about her into everything he did. He thrilled her by kissing just her forehead. His love was magic. He left everything just to be with her no matter what the circumstances were. He adored her, encouraged her. He craved fiery passion and she was a firecracker. He wanted her the way ocean wants shore, the way rain wants to fall and she just loved him too hard. They were perfect for each other and she was never afraid to lose him because she knew that he can’t be stolen. It was hard to find a love story like theirs in today’s world but they were born for each other.


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