A Limb That Won’t Fall From The Family Tree

I can’t always be happy and life is not only about happiness. Sometimes or maybe everytime I feel depressed but that doesn’t mean that I need someone’s help. They don’t need to be there with me just because I was there with them during their bad times. I need to accept that I’m a stone now and I can’t smile…I really can’t and that’s perfectly okay. I’ve to tell myself that baby, this is life… accept it or quit. I always have an option and there’s nothing wrong if I’ve decided something for me. People might feel bad for me after I leave but it’s a bitter truth that one day they’ll move on..even my mom will move on..and exactly! that’s life. I don’t want to compare my pain with someone who’s going through even worst situations or someone who’s ​finally successful what I know is I want to scream I want to yell I want to break myself in tears but I end up inhaling it all inside and trust me it kills.. depression kills. I used to smile and I really looked beautiful but I can’t go back because it never gets better. And there’s so much more to say but I’ve to stop here because sometimes when we’re in darkness we think we have been buried but actually we have been planned. Why would I harm myself or hurt my loved ones just because some people made it difficult for me to breathe. No, I would not! There are many wonderful gifts in life which I haven’t yet received but I’m on the way and why would​ I quit early when I don’t know what’s next. Be it a movie or a game it can’t be interesting without monsters and so is life we just have to feel the thrill. Today a girl in my city committed suicide everybody criticised her and nobody tried to know the reason. I can’t say if she was weak or she had no other option without knowing anything about her but I would definitely say that the people who disturb you mentally are the one who would laugh at you when you quit. Just don’t let that happen. Live❤ 


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